Aviazapchast PLC supplies metal products of various properties and applications as well as a range of alloys, including special alloys, used in aerospace industry. The whole range of metal products is supported by quality certificates, complies with technological standards, manufacturing and operating regulations.

The catalogue of metals offered for supply comprises the following groups:

  • Profiles
  • Sheets
  • Heat-resistant and stainless pipes
  • Cast alloys
  • Titanium alloy rolled stock
  • Ingots and electrodes (OST1 90013-91, OST1 92077-78)
  • Wires (GOST 7871-75 and other)
  • Pipes
  • Bars (OST1 90107-73, OST1 90173-75, OST1 90266-86, OST1 92062-78)
  • Forgings and rings (as per the customer specifications)
  • Shaped castings (OST1 90060-92 and other)
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Brass alloys
  • Bronze alloys

and other metal products at the Customer’s request.

The PDF version of the detailed catalogue of metal products supplied by Aviazapchast PLC.


Aviazapchast PLC offers for supply consumables of aeronautical and general industry grade, including oils, greases, adhesives, putty pastes, sealants, paints, primers, rubbers and hoses:

  • oils
  • greases
  • adhesives
  • putty pastes
  • sealants
  • paints
  • primers
  • raw rubbers
  • rubber sheets
  • profiles
  • textile or metal braided hoses
  • conveyer belts
  • sealing bands
  • textiles
  • threads
  • fibers
  • felt
  • polyamide plastics
  • fluorine plastics
  • fiber-glass plastics
  • wires
  • cables
  • pipes
  • Radplast tubing
  • molding materials
  • foamed polyurethane
  • paronites
  • foamed plastic
  • organic glass

other consumables at the Customer’s request.

All the products supplied fully comply with the applicable standards (GOST/OST/TU/PI).