Our Ref №. 825/1-241 от 07.04.2023 г.
    Subject: Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce Notice

    Dear Sirs!

    The management and staff of «Aviazapchast» PLC (hereafter referred to as the "Society") were surprised to learn of the decision of the Bureau of Industrv and Securitv of the United States Department of Commerce on March 28, 2023 to add our organization to the Entity List of companies that act contrary to the interests of the national security and foreign policy of the United States.

    This is to let you know that «Aviazapchast» PLC is a private company with 55 years of experience in foreign economic activity. At the same time, the Society strictly complies with the requirements of Russian Legislation, which excludes the possibility for our company to trade in any types of weapons and military equipment and allows us to work only in the sector of non-military and dual-use products supply.

    «Aviazapchast» PLC has also strictly observed and continue to comply with the international agreements aimed at preventing worldwide human rights abuses. In the course of its entire work history the Society has concluded only four contracts with contractors from Myanmar/Burma in the period from 2018 to 2020.

    The last supply of the equipment was made in September, 2021.

    The Society has not carried out the supply of any products to Myanmar/Burma since 07.09.2021.

    In this regard, we consider the above decision of the Bureau of Industry and Security of the United States Department of Commerce to be inconsistent with the actual state of affairs and discord with the principle of fair competition and Free Trade.

    We believe that the Bureau of Industry and Security of the United States Department of Commerce is able to reconsider its decision regarding our company and exclude «Aviazapchast» PLC from the Entity List according to FR Doc. 2023-06663 dated 2023.03.28

    For our part, we would like to reaffirm that «Aviazapchast» PLC respects and fully supports the efforts of the international community aimed at the preventing worldwide human rights abuses, and in its work with foreign partners will continue to act exclusively according to the law, strictly observing Russian Legislation.

    Best regards,

    Victor I. Dzheruk

    General Director

    Исх №. 825/1-241 от 07.04.2023 г. (PDF, 853kb)
    Ref. No. 825/1-241 dated 07/04/2023 (PDF, 798kb)

    Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce
    (FR Doc. 2023-06663 field 2023.03.28.)

    DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE NOTICE 230324-0084, FR No 2023-06663 filed 2023.03.28 ENG (PDF, 202kb)

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